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C.A.R. Education

C.A.R. Investment Property Specialist Certification – Real Estate Success Series, LLC - ONLINE ANYTIME

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Earn your C.A.R. Investment Property Specialist Certification today with this course.

Quick Overview:

The reward of financial freedom, for you and for your clients, comes with price tags of time, money, and energy. For you, the time and energy you put into this course will be the ground work that leads you to becoming the “go-to” agent for those who are ready to invest in income-producing properties.

This is a self-guided online course that you take at your own pace. This course is available 24/7.


This course is made up of various video modules and workbook exercises meant to be used in real practice. Each workbook section contains exercises geared to get you moving towards building skill sets for selling income-producing property.

In the videos, you will learn what you need for these assignments. Go back and replay any parts of the video you need to right before you tackle the assignment that goes with it.

Remember, this workbook is designed to be your “Action Plan.” You are not just learning concepts, you are putting them into action.

The time you take to complete the course is not important. What is important is that you take the necessary time you need to understand and assimilate the material and then properly execute each action plan.

Consistency is the key to course completion and your basis for success with your new stream of business. Setting reasonable goals will allow you to stay committed to your time frames and help you to remain on track.

Watching the videos is only the first portion of what you need to do to begin your journey towards success. The second component is completing the workbook assignments and accountability logs. Planning out how, when, and where you will study is extremely important. Make sure to allow for adequate time and have an appropriate space in which to learn.

Create a plan, and stick to it. Six weeks is the suggested time frame for this course; however, that being said, this is a self-paced learning experience. If you are a busy agent with a healthy book of business who is also balancing family and a social life, this course might take you 8, 10, or 20 weeks. If you have nothing going on and you are very focused, you might finish up in 2 or 3 weeks.

Do not short cut the process; be respectful of your current time commitments, and start the program when you can properly schedule study time. Create a reasonable time frame in which to complete each of the six learning modules and associated workbook sections. Map your journey out ahead of time by calendaring dates and times for your learning modules and action plan assignments. Set reminders for study times.

Good luck!

Agents who are interested in the Investment Property Specialist Certification must complete this course and the exam with a passing score.

How you will benefit from taking this course:

  • Begin tracking career advancements
  • Learn how to identify a top-ten list of potential clients
  • Incubation techniques for a tier-two list of potential clients
  • How to increase your book of business
  • Ways to generate a personal stream of income for clients
  • Calculations for Cap Rates, GRMs, and more
  • When to use these calculations Orders for probate and letters


After your purchase is complete, you will access your online course by visiting You will have up to ONE (1) year from the date of purchase to access and complete the course.


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