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The Probate Process (Keys to Closure) Guide

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Quick Overview:
A complete guide to the procedures involved when working with a property sale that is subject to the California Probate Code (CPC).

Don't wait until you are faced with a Probate sale - prepare now.

You may someday have clients that will need to rely on you during their most difficult time. Settling the estate of a person who has died can be overwhelming. Surviving heirs are faced with many responsibilities and activities, often including the distribution and sale of real estate. The Keys to Closure guide will provide you with the knowledge to help your clients through the procedures involved in real property sales that are subject to the California Probate Code (CPC).

After reading this guide you will be able to:

  • Understand the basic elements of the probate code
  • Know when a probate is not required
  • Help with the selection of the “personal representative” and his or her role
  • Describe the Independent Administration of Estates Act in probate and the Independent Exercise of Powers in conservatorships to your clients
  • Recognize the distinct differences when listing, marketing and selling a real property subject to the probate process
  • Prepare and explain the forms used in a probate listing and sale: 
    • C.A.R. Probate Listing Addendum and Advisory (form PLA)
    • C.A.R. Probate PurchaseAgreement and Joint Escrow Instructions (form PPA)
    • C.A.R.Representative Capacity Signature Disclosure forms (forms RCSD-B (buyer) and RCSD-S (seller)

Learn how to be there when your clients are going to need you the most!

Paperback: 52 pages